Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–129.31. Establishment of the New Columbia Statehood Commission.

(a) The New Columbia Statehood Commission is established as an independent agency within the District of Columbia government, consistent with the meaning of the term independent agency as provided in § 1-603.01(13).

(b) The Commission shall:

(1) Educate regarding, advocate for, promote, and advance the proposition of statehood and voting rights for the District of Columbia to District residents and citizens of the 50 states;

(2) Solicit financial and in-kind contributions, grants, allocations, gifts, bequests, and appropriations from public and private sources to be deposited in the New Columbia Statehood Fund established pursuant to § 1-129.32 and used for the purposes of promoting statehood and voting rights; and

(3) Develop an annual budget for, and oversee expenditures from, the New Columbia Statehood Fund.

(c) The Commission shall be comprised of 5 voting members (“Commissioners”) as follows:

(1) The Mayor, or his or her alternate;

(2) The Chairman of the Council, or his or her alternate;

(3) The United States Representative for the District of Columbia; and

(4) The 2 United States Senators for the District of Columbia.

(d) The Mayor and the Chairman of the Council shall serve as co-chairs of the Commission.

(e) By March 1, 2015, the Commission shall adopt bylaws, and may adopt guidelines, rules, and procedures for the governance of its affairs and the conduct of its business.

(f) The Commission shall meet, at a minimum, on a semiannual basis. A majority of the Commissioners shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.

(g) The Commission, in carrying out its duties, may utilize pro bono services; provided, that such services are reported pursuant to § 1-129.33.

(h) The Commission may recruit honorary members based on criteria the Commission shall determine. The honorary members shall have no vote on the operation of the Commission.