Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–1001.06. Board independent agency; facilities; seal.

(a) In the performance of its duties, or in matters of procurement the Board shall not be subject to the direction of any nonjudicial officer of the District, except as provided in the District of Columbia Government Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act of 1978 (§ 1-601.01 et seq.).

(b) The District government shall furnish to the Board, upon request of the Board, such space and facilities as are available in public buildings in the District to be used as registration places or Vote Centers, and such records, information, services, personnel, offices, and equipment, and such other assistance and facilities as may be necessary to enable the Board properly to perform its functions. Privately owned space, facilities and equipment may be rented by the Office of Contracting and Procurement on behalf of the Board for the registration, polling, and other functions of the Board.

(c) Subject to the approval of the Mayor of the District of Columbia, the Board is authorized to adopt and use a seal. The seal adopted by the Board shall not be used by any individual or entity without the prior written authorization of the Board.