Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–204.16. Easements for commemorative works.

Following approval of a commemorative work by the Mayor and the Council pursuant to § 9-204.01, the Mayor shall provide an easement to the sponsor of the commemorative work for the use of District public space for the purpose of constructing and maintaining the approved commemorative work. The term of the easement shall be for a maximum of 25 years and may be automatically renewable for successive 25 year terms in perpetuity unless cancelled in writing by the Mayor for good cause. The Mayor shall establish the rules for termination of an easement granted for a commemorative work. The Mayor shall require each sponsor of an approved commemorative work to provide for all of the financing necessary to develop, construct, and maintain the commemorative work. A sponsor of an approved commemorative work shall be financially responsible for the perpetual maintenance of the commemorative work.