Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–204.12. Commemorative Works Committee.

(a) There is established a District of Columbia Commemorative Works Committee (“Committee”) to advise and recommend to the Mayor and the Council a disposition of each application to place a commemorative work on public space in the District of Columbia.

(b)(1) The Committee shall be composed of 9 voting members, 5 of whom shall be citizen members and 4 of whom shall be ex officio members.

(2) Two citizen members shall be appointed by the Mayor for a 3-year term.

(3) Three citizen members shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Council for a 3-year term.

(4) The following government officials, or their designated representatives, shall serve as the ex officio members:

(A) The Director of the Office of Planning, who shall serve as chairperson of the Committee;

(B) The Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation;

(C) The Chairperson of the Historic Preservation Review Board; and

(D) The Chairperson of the Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

(c) Each citizen member appointed to the Committee shall be a person who has displayed an active interest or ability in the visual arts, architecture, urban planning, civic design, or history.

(d) The Mayor shall establish rules and procedures for the administration of the Committee.