Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–202.12. Recordation of closing act and Surveyor’s plat; effects of recordation.

Following the effective date of an act ordering the closing of a street or alley, and following the finding by the Surveyor of compliance with any conditions required in the street or alley closing act pursuant to § 9-202.09 and following the payment of any damages awarded pursuant to § 9-202.11, the Surveyor shall record a copy of the street or alley closing act and the Surveyor’s plat in the Office of the Surveyor. Upon the recordation of the Surveyor’s plat, the street or alley, or part thereof, will be deemed closed and the title to the land shall revert to or be vested in fee simple to the record owners as shown on the plat. This land shall thereafter be assessable in all respects as all other real property in the District of Columbia. The right of the public to use the street or alley, and any proprietary interest of the United States or the District in the street or alley, or part thereof, shall cease, unless a temporary continued use is required by the Mayor. Upon the recordation in the Office of the Surveyor of a closing plat showing any easement or dedication of land for public purposes that has been established or accepted in an act closing a street or alley, or part thereof, the land encompassed by the easement or dedication shall thereafter be available for that public use.