Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–636.02. Public involvement.

(a) In addition to the provisions of § 8-636.01, DDOE may develop public involvement plans, which may include public hearings, the posting on a property of an intent to conduct a response or cleanup action, and the requirement to include a summary of proposed plans in the public notices.

(b)(1) This chapter shall not prevent a person from commencing an action to compel the Mayor to perform a non-discretionary duty under this chapter or to commence a civil action on his or her own behalf against a person who is in violation of an order of the Mayor, permit, or other applicable standard, requirement, regulation, or provision of law pursuant to this chapter.

(2) An action shall not be commenced if the Mayor has commenced an action under this chapter or another law to require compliance with the standard, regulation, requirement, or order concerned.

(3) An action commenced pursuant to this subsection shall require a 60-day notice to the Mayor and an alleged violator.

(4) The court may award attorneys’ fees and other costs to the prevailing party on actions commenced pursuant to this subsection.