Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–631.01. Findings and declaration of purpose.

The Council finds that the public interest is best served when the public health and the environment are protected by the cleanup of contaminated properties. Accordingly, the Council declares its policy is to:

(1) Create incentives for the voluntary cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated property;

(2) Develop effective and consistent cleanup standards and processes;

(3) Ensure public involvement in the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated properties;

(4) Ensure that those responsible for the contamination of a property are held accountable;

(5) Promote economic development by encouraging the reuse of contaminated properties;

(6) Eliminate public health and environmental risks on properties;

(7) Ensure the cleanup of contaminated properties is coordinated with plans for redevelopment and the sustainable reuse of the properties;

(8) Provide for a comprehensive program to consistently and fairly assess the cleanup of contaminated properties; and

(9) Provide for regulatory and voluntary cleanup programs.