Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–403.01. Information to be supplied customers.

(a) Before a pesticide is applied, the pesticide operator shall provide the customer with the following written information:

(1) Name of pesticide operator;

(2) Name of pesticide applicator applying pesticides if different from that of the operator;

(3) District of Columbia pesticide operator license number;

(4) Telephone number of pesticide operator;

(5) National Capital Poison Control Center hotline number;

(6) Re-entry period specified on the pesticide label, if applicable;

(7) Pest to be controlled;

(8) Common name of pesticide or active ingredient to be applied;

(9) The following statement: “District of Columbia law requires that you be given the following information:

Notice of Pesticide Application:

CAUTION — PESTICIDES MAY CONTAIN TOXIC CHEMICALS. Companies that apply pesticides are licensed by the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection and regulated by the District Department of the Environment (“DDOE”). The Environmental Protection Agency and DDOE approve pesticides for use. At your request, the company conducting your pest control will provide you with either or both of the Material Safety Data Sheet(s) or the pesticide label(s), both of which provide further information about the approved uses of and recommended precautions for the pesticide being applied on your property. Neither of these documents is guaranteed to list every danger associated with a pesticide. DDOE maintains a list of pesticides that present a reduced risk to humans and the environment, and encourages the use of such pesticides whenever possible. The pesticide company



chosen to apply reduced-risk pesticide(s). The District of Columbia government encourages the use of non-chemical and reduced-risk methods of pest control by residents and commercial pest control companies. Even when using reduced-risk pesticides, residents should familiarize themselves with safety information for pesticide products, and should avoid exposure to pesticides.”; and

(10) At the request of the customer, both or either of:

(A) An original or legible copy of the current pesticide product label; or

(B) A Material Safety Data Sheet.

(b) Upon the customer’s request, the pesticide operator shall provide the customer with advance notice of a pesticide application.

(c) When the pesticide is to be applied on a multi-unit property, the pesticide operator shall provide the information listed in subsection (a) of this section to the customer at least 48 hours before the pesticide is to be applied.