Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–2131.06. Corrective actions by District to abate a public health nuisance.

(a) Subject to the availability of appropriations, the Mayor may undertake actions to correct certain health hazards that have resulted from the development, attraction, or harborage of vectors, including cleanup, abatement, and preventive measures, if the following conditions exist:

(1) The District needs to take an action in order to protect human health; and

(2) One or more of the following conditions exist:

(A) The action is required to protect public space;

(B) No person can be found who is the owner of the property in question, and is capable of proper implementation of the required corrective action within 30 days of the posting of notice on the property in question that violation of this chapter has occurred, or shorter period, if so determined by the Mayor, as may be necessary to protect human health;

(C) A situation exists that requires immediate action by the Mayor to protect human health; or

(D) The responsible party has failed or refused to comply within 30 days of a mayoral order for compliance.

(b) If the District incurs costs for undertaking any corrective or enforcement action to abate development, attraction, or harborage of vectors, all parties found to be liable by the Mayor shall be jointly and severally liable to the District government for the costs incurred by the District. In addition to any other enforcement action, the Mayor may assess any reasonable costs for correcting the condition and any related expenses as a tax against the property, carry the tax on the regular tax rolls, and collect the tax in the same manner as real estate taxes are collected.