Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1806. Release to owner.

(a) The Mayor shall not release a dog to its owner unless the owner has obtained a license as provided in § 8-1804.

(b) An owner of an animal that is impounded shall pay the following:

(1) An impoundment fee of $15 for animals certified by a licensed veterinarian as either spayed or neutered or incapable of enduring spaying or neutering;

(2) An impoundment fee of $15 for unneutered and unspayed animals, provided the owner agrees to have the animal sterilized and prepays the cost of the surgery;

(3) An impoundment fee of $75 for dogs and $50 for all other animals that have not been spayed or neutered, where the owner does not utilize the option in paragraph (2) of this subsection;

(4) A boarding fee of $5 for each night after the 1st night;

(5) The cost of veterinary services, including vaccinations, provided by the Mayor; and

(6) Any outstanding fines.

(c) The Mayor shall issue a notice of violation to an owner of an animal impounded under § 8-1805 except that this subsection shall not apply the 1st time an owner has an animal impounded.