Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–173.63. Legal representation.

(a) The District may, upon request by the Authority and at the discretion of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia ("Attorney General"), provide representation through the Office of the Attorney General to the Authority and its officers and employees for legal matters related to their official duties.

(b) The Authority may retain outside counsel, other than the Attorney General, at its own expense to provide representation for the Authority and its officers and employees in actual or anticipated litigation related to their official duties and functions or in any other legal proceeding, lawsuit, grievance, or arbitration filed against the Authority, its officers, or its employees related to their official duties and functions.

(c) The District and its officers and employees shall not be liable for and may not be made a party to any lawsuits or claims arising from the operation of the Authority.

(d) The Authority may have a General Counsel who shall:

(1) Be appointed by the Executive Director;

(2) Be an attorney admitted in good-standing to the practice of law in the District of Columbia;

(3) Be qualified by experience and training to advise the Authority with respect to legal issues related to its powers and duties;

(4) Have an attorney-client relationship with the Authority; and

(5) With the consent of the Executive Director, employ staff attorneys and other personnel.