Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–173.02. Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the term:

(1) "Administrative costs" means the costs associated with salary and benefits of all personnel, office supplies, information technology, utilities, and office space used by the Authority. The term "administrative costs" excludes costs associated with lending, portfolio management, and spending on sustainable projects and programs; provided, that the term "administrative costs" may include expenses incurred in carrying out a trust indenture.

(2) "Authority" means the Green Finance Authority established by § 8-173.21.

(3) "Board" means the Green Finance Authority Board established by § 8-173.23.

(4) "Bonds" means the District of Columbia revenue bonds, notes, or other obligations (including refunding bonds, notes, and other obligations), in one or more series, authorized to be issued pursuant to this chapter.

(5) "Capital base" means the total capitalization of the Fund, including public and private funds, that are available at any given point in time for the financing activities of the Authority.

(6) "CFO" means the Chief Financial Officer established pursuant to § 1-204.24a(a).

(7) "Clean energy" means energy produced by solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal sources, geothermal sources, wind, ocean thermal sources, wave or tidal sources, fuel cells, biogas, landfill gas, hydropower, or hydrogen production and conversion technologies.

(8) "Clean infrastructure" means an infrastructure project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

(9) "Clean transportation" means alternative fuel vehicles and related infrastructure, such as:

(A) Electric vehicle charging station infrastructure; and

(B) Smart grid and battery storage.

(10) "Department" means the Department of Energy and Environment.

(11) "Energy efficiency" means minimizing the amount of energy needed to accomplish a function, task, or result.

(12) "Fund" means the Green Finance Authority Fund established by § 8-173.26.

(13) "Green infrastructure" means an infrastructure project that captures rainfall, cools buildings and pavement, and creates natural pathways for wildlife.

(14) "Home Rule Act" means the District of Columbia Home Rule Act [Chapter 2 of Title 1].

(15) "Stormwater" means the flow of water that results from runoff, snow melt runoff, and surface runoff and drainage.

(16) "Stormwater best management practice" means a structural or nonstructural practice that minimizes the impact of stormwater runoff on receiving waterbodies and other environmental resources, especially by reducing runoff volume or the pollutant loads carried in stormwater.

(17) "Sustainable Energy Utility" shall have the same meaning as provided in § 8-1773.01(19).

(18) "Sustainable projects and programs" means clean energy, clean infrastructure, clean transportation, stormwater best management practices, energy efficiency, water efficiency, or green infrastructure projects and programs. The term "sustainable projects and programs" does not include:

(A) Biomass, biofuel, nuclear, or waste-to-energy projects and programs; or

(B) For applications received by the Authority after September 30, 2022, fossil fuel projects and programs.

(19) "Water efficiency" means minimizing the amount of water used to accomplish a function, task, or result.