Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–152.03. Stormwater User Fee Discount Program.

(a) Within one year of the enactment of an impervious area stormwater user fee by DC WASA, the Mayor shall establish a Stormwater User Fee Discount Program to be coordinated between DC WASA and the Administration.

(b) The program shall allow property owners who implement measures to manage stormwater runoff from their properties to receive a discount on the stormwater user fee assessed to them under § 34-2202.16.

(c) Stormwater user fee discounts approved by the Mayor shall be retroactive to no earlier than the date of the implementation of the impervious area stormwater fee. A property owner may not qualify for a stormwater user fee discount until the stormwater management measures for which they seek a discount are demonstrated to be fully functional.

(d) Any discount earned under this section will be revocable upon a finding by the Mayor of non-performance. Upon a finding of non-performance, the Mayor may require reimbursement of any portion of fees discounted to date.

(e) Findings of non-performance by the Mayor may be appealed by an applicant pursuant to rules established by the Mayor.

(f) Failure to reimburse may result in a lien being placed upon the property without further notice to the owner. The Mayor may enforce the lien in the same manner as in § 34-2407.02.