Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–1031.04. Mandatory adequate waste collection.

(a) A private collection property owner shall provide adequate waste collection service, including:

(1) Supplying waste containers to make source separation accessible for individuals discarding solid waste at the property; provided, that the containers shall:

(A) Be capable of containing reasonably anticipated source-separated waste generated at the location; and

(B) Bear or be near visible signage indicating the category of source-separated material by visuals or description or shall comply with a color scheme established by the Mayor;

(2) Annually communicating information to an individual discarding solid waste at the property regarding the types of materials that must be source separated at the property;

(3) Ensuring annual training on the property's source separation requirements of any janitorial staff employed at the property; and

(4) Designating an agent responsible for implementing the requirements of this chapter.

(b)(1) By January 1, 2022, multi-family dwellings with 80 or more units, commercial buildings with 10 or more units, and businesses or nonprofit organizations with 101 or more employees shall submit a source separation plan to the Mayor, updated on an annual basis, outlining the steps the property owner will take to implement the requirements of this chapter. The plan shall include:

(A) A description of the private collection property, including the name, address, and telephone number of the agent designated pursuant to subsection (a)(4) of this section;

(B) A description of the collector, including the trade or business name, address, and telephone number of, and the day and time of pickup by, the collector that collects the private collection property's solid waste, as well as the sites where the materials are delivered;

(C) A description of the private collection property's current solid waste generation;

(D) A description of the property owner's efforts to educate tenants, residents, businesses, and employees about its source separation program, including a list of the materials to be recycled; and

(E) A description of how the private collection property will recycle or reduce the amount of solid waste going to disposal facilities.

(2) Private collection properties not subject to paragraph (1) of this subsection shall submit a source separation plan upon request by the Mayor.

(3) The Mayor shall review and verify through on-site evaluation, consistent with § 8-1031.14(e), implementation of the source separation plans required by this subsection. Private collection properties subject to the requirements of this subsection shall maintain, and make available upon request for inspection and copying during normal business hours, any contracts and invoices for collection and disposition of materials to be recycled for a period covering the most recent 5 years.

(4) The Mayor shall provide electronic forms and online submissions, as appropriate, to assist private collection properties in meeting the requirements of this subsection.

(c) All private collection properties shall separate their excess edible food for donation for human consumption to the maximum extent practicable.