Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–875.03. Establishment of uniform health screening requirements and health assessment enrollment forms.

(a) The Mayor shall establish uniform, age-appropriate health screening requirements consistent with the standards and schedules of the American Academy of Pediatrics for all children, from birth to 21 years of age, in the District of Columbia, regardless of insurance status who are:

(1) Residents of the District;

(2) Wards of the District; or

(3) Children with special needs who reside in or who are receiving services in another state.

(b) The Mayor shall develop a uniform health assessment form for enrollment of children in child-related health, human or social services, and educational programs. Use of the form is not intended to supersede the enrollment requirements of child-related health, educational, and human or social services programs. The form may be supplemented by additional forms used for enrollment that are not related to health assessment.

(c) Uniform health screenings shall not be required under this chapter, if a minor’s parent or guardian or an adult youth submits in good faith a written notarized statement to the appropriate official affirming that the screening in question would violate the established tenets and practices of the parent’s or guardian’s church or religious denomination, or in the case of an adult youth, the adult youth’s church or religious denomination.