Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–802. Report of eye inflammation; treatment.

Whenever a physician or nurse-midwife discovers that a newborn in his or her care has inflammation of the eye(s) with suppuration, he or she shall report these symptoms to the Commissioner of Public Health within 6 hours of their discovery. Upon receipt of such communication the Commissioner of Public Health, unless he finds such report to be incorrect, shall issue an order directing the parents of such child (or other person charged with its care) either to: (1) place such child in the care of a registered physician; or (2) submit immediately satisfactory proof of inability to pay for such medical service. If the Director of the Department of Human Services finds that the parents or such other person are unable to pay for such medical treatment, he shall order the parents (or such other person) to place the child in a hospital to be designated by the Department of Human Services and at the expense of said Department.