Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–751.15. Suspension, waiver, and termination of contract.

(a)(1) The service obligation of a participant may be suspended without penalty, for a limited period of time, if a participant requires leave beyond the allotted 7 weeks, such as, for example, extended illness, family leave, maternity leave, suspension from practice pending an investigation, not to exceed 12 months, or termination of employment requiring job search and relocation to another eligible practice site.

(2) A suspension shall not relieve the participant of the responsibility to complete the remaining portion of the obligation. A suspension shall not be permitted as a matter of course, but may be allowed at the discretion of the Director.

(b) A waiver of Program contract terms and conditions shall be granted in the following situations:

(1) If the participant suffers from a physical or mental disability resulting in the total and permanent inability of the participant to perform the obligated service, as determined by the Director; or

(2) Repealed.

(c) An obligation of an individual for service or payment of damages shall be terminated upon the death of the individual.

(d) The Director may terminate a contract under the Program with a participant if, not later than August 16 of the year in which the contract became effective, the participant:

(1) Submits a signed written request to terminate the contract; and

(2) Repays all amounts of loan repayments paid to the participant under the contract.