Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–751.06. Selection criteria.

(a) Applicants shall be competitively reviewed and selected for participation in the Program based upon the following criteria:

(1) Professional qualifications and relevant experience, including board eligibility or certification in his or her specialty, professional achievements, and other indicators of competency received from supervisors, department chairs, and program directors; and

(2) A demonstrated commitment to serve in a HPSA or MUA.

(b) Preferential consideration will be given to:

(1) Residents of the District of Columbia;

(2) Graduates of accredited District of Columbia health professions schools or program;

(3) Residents of a HPSA or MUA within the District of Columbia;

(4) Applicants that are immediately eligible and available for service;

(5) Applicants that commit to longer periods of service;

(6) Applicants whose service obligation site is also a qualified Medical Homes DC provider;

(7) Applicants who are fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, or Amharic; and

(8) Applicants who have experience at a community-based primary care facility or attended a community-based health profession educational institution.

(c) For applicants practicing at a service obligation site at the time of application to the Program, preferential consideration shall be given to those individuals who have less than 3 years of employment at the facility.