Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–733.02. Board of Pharmacy Fund.

(a)(1) There is established, as a nonlapsing fund in the Department of Health, the Board of Pharmacy Fund (“Fund”), to be administered by the Mayor as an agency fund, as defined in § 47-373(2)(I), into which all licensing fees, civil fines, and interest earned relating to the practice of pharmaceutical detailing, and any other funds, as directed by law, shall be deposited and used for the administration of the Board of Pharmacy.

(2) For the purposes of this subsection, the term “practice of pharmaceutical detailing” shall have the same meaning as provided in § 3-1201.02(11A).

(b) All funds deposited into the Fund shall not revert to the unrestricted fund balance of the General Fund of the District of Columbia at the end of a fiscal year, or at any other time, but shall be continually available to the Department of Health for the uses and purposes set forth in subsection (a) of this section, subject to authorization by Congress.