Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–2502.07. Issuance of registration certificate; time period; corrections.

(a) Upon receipt of a properly executed application for registration certificate, the Chief, upon determining through inquiry, investigation, or otherwise, that the applicant is entitled and qualified under the provisions of this unit, thereto, shall issue a registration certificate. Each registration certificate shall be in duplicate and bear a unique registration certificate number and such other information as the Chief determines is necessary to identify the applicant and the firearm registered. The duplicate of the registration certificate shall be delivered to the applicant and the Chief shall retain the original.

(b) The Chief shall approve or deny an application for a registration certificate within a 60-day period beginning on the date the Chief receives the application, unless good cause is shown, including nonreceipt of information from sources outside the District government; provided, that in the case of an application to register a firearm validly registered under prior regulations, the Chief shall have 365 days after the receipt of such application to approve or deny such application. The Chief may hold in abeyance an application where there is a revocation proceeding pending against such person or organization.

(c) Upon receipt of a registration certificate, each applicant shall examine same to ensure that the information thereon is correct. If the registration certificate is incorrect in any respect, the person or organization named thereon shall return it to the Chief with a signed statement showing the nature of the error. The Chief shall correct the error, if it occurred through administrative error. In the event the error resulted from information contained in the application, the applicant shall be required to file an amended application setting forth the correct information, and a statement explaining the error in the original application. Each amended application shall be accompanied by a fee equal to that required for the original application.

(d) In the event the Chief learns of an error in a registration certificate other than as provided in subsection (c) of this section, he may require the holder to return the registration certificate for correction. If the error resulted from information contained in the application, the person or organization named therein shall be required to file an amended application as provided in subsection (c) of this section.

(e) Each registration certificate issued by the Chief shall be accompanied by a statement setting forth the registrant’s duties under this unit.

(f) In the discretion of the Chief of Police, a registration certificate may be issued to a retired police officer who is a resident of the District of Columbia for a pistol and ammunition which conforms to the Metropolitan Police Department General Orders and policies.

(g) When the retired police officer ceases to be a resident of the District of Columbia the registration certificate expires.

(h) Nothing in this unit shall create an entitlement to a registration certificate for a retired police officer. If the Chief of Police denies a retired police officer’s registration certificate application, the Chief of Police shall state the reasons for the denial in writing.

(i) The District of Columbia shall not incur any liability by reason of the issuance or denial of a certificate, nor for any use made of the registered firearm.