Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–2502.04. Fingerprints and photographs of applicants; application in person required.

(a) The Chief shall require any person applying for a registration certificate to be fingerprinted in order to conduct an efficient and adequate investigation into the matters described in § 7-2502.03 and to effectuate the purposes of this unit. The Chief shall maintain a record of the fingerprints of sufficient quality to enable periodic investigation to ensure compliance with § 7-2502.03.

(b) The Chief shall take a digitalized, full-face photograph of each applicant, other than an organization, to be included as part of a person’s firearms registration application. The photo shall be taken simultaneously with the filing of the application.

(c) Every applicant (or in the case of an organization, the president or chief executive, or a person authorized in writing by him), shall appear in person at a time and place prescribed by the Chief, and may be required to bring with him the firearm for which a registration certificate is sought, which shall be transported in accordance with § 22-4504.02.