Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–2371.02c. CPR and AED program.

(a) Within 120 days after October 8, 2016, each school shall meet the requirements of § 7-2371.02 and:

(1) Establish procedures for responding to a medical emergency involving cardiac arrest, including the appropriate use of CPR and an AED;

(2) Have at least one AED on-site at the school;

(3) Have, in coordination with the Department of General Services, a maintenance schedule established for each AED that is in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and includes:

(A) Periodic testing;

(B) Periodic inspection; and

(C) Annual maintenance;

(4) Ensure that each AED at the school is appropriate for use on children and adults;

(5) Have had the following individuals successfully complete a CPR and AED program; provided, that individuals newly hired for the following positions shall be required to successfully complete a CPR and AED program within 60 days after their hire date:

(A) Athletic coach, coaching assistant, and athletic trainer;

(B) Athletic director;

(C) Team or game physician;

(D) School nurse; and

(E) Every anticipated AED user employed by the school, as designated by the school;

(6) Require that at least one individual trained in a CPR and AED program be present during the school's hours of operation and during any athletic activity; and

(7) Inform all school employees, at least annually, of the location of each AED in the school.

(b)(1) The Mayor shall:

(A) Establish baseline requirements and guidelines for a CPR and AED program;

(B) Approve each existing CPR and AED program that the Mayor determines meets or exceeds the baseline requirements and guidelines for a CPR and AED program, and any new CPR and AED programs established pursuant to this subchapter; provided, that the Mayor shall approve the existing programs listed in § 7-2371.02(a)(1) and the program offered by the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department pursuant to § 5-401(b-1), as meeting the requirements of this section;

(C) Require each school to maintain a written record of the periodic testing, inspection, and maintenance of each AED; and

(D) Require the successful completion of a CPR and AED program by each employee in a position listed in subsection (a)(5) of this section.

(2) A CPR and AED program may be conducted by a private or public entity.