Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1913. Reporting to Council.

The Mayor shall submit to the Council an annual report on this chapter, which shall at a minimum include the following:

(1) A description of the specific actions taken to implement this chapter, including the staffing pattern and budget of the responsible administrative unit;

(2) An analysis by fiscal year of:

(A) The number of cases reported, investigations conducted, and reports substantiated;

(B) The characteristics of both substantiated and unsubstantiated cases, including a breakdown by age, impairment, individual reporting, police involvement, services refused, and type of abuse, neglect, or exploitation involved;

(C) The number of cases referred to court, the reasons for referral, their outcome, and associated court costs;

(D) The type, amount, and cost of protective services provided;

(E) The percentage of cost reimbursed by or recouped from 3rd parties;

(F) The status of substantiated cases at the end of 90 days of services, and the average number of days of services per case;

(G) The effectiveness with which government agencies and private organizations collaborate to investigate cases and administer protective services, including any proposals to improve coordination of efforts; and

(H) The resources needed by the Department to conduct investigations and provide services as authorized by and required under this chapter; and

(3) Any recommendations for amendments to this chapter.