Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1703.02. Regulation of smoking in any District of Columbia workplace.

(a) Any private or public employer in the District of Columbia (“District”) shall, within 3 months of May 2, 1991, adopt, implement, and maintain a written smoking policy that contains the following provisions:

(1) Designation of an area in the workplace where smoking may be permitted. In an area where smoking is permitted, a physical barrier or a separate room shall be used to minimize smoke in any nonsmoking area. Ventilation shall be in compliance with the District laws and rules that govern indoor ventilation.

(2) Notification to employees orally and in writing by conspicuously posting the employer’s smoking policy within 3 weeks after the smoking policy is adopted. Any person in the workplace shall be subject to the posted smoking policy of the employer.

(b) The designation of a smoking area in the workplace affects employment relations and shall be a subject of collective bargaining in accordance with § 1-617.08(b).

(c) Nothing in the Smoking Regulation Amendment Act of 1990 shall be construed to prevent the owner or person in charge of a building or any part of a building from prohibiting smoking throughout the building or in any part of the building over which she or he has control.