Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1671.07(Perm). Health Occupations Boards review of medical marijuana authorized practitioner recommendations.

(a) The Boards of Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry" shall have the authority to review and audit the written authorized practitioner recommendations submitted to ABRA as part of the registration process and shall have the authority to discipline authorized practitioners under their licensing authority who act outside of the scope of this chapter.

(b) The relevant licensing board shall audit the recommendations submitted by any authorized practitioner who provides more than 250 recommendations in any 12-month period to patients for the use of medical marijuana.

(c) Submitting a false statement regarding a qualifying patient's eligibility to participate in the Program on the form developed pursuant to § 7-1761.04(b)(2) shall be grounds for the revocation, suspension, or denial of an authorized practitioner's license, or the imposition of a civil fine pursuant to § 3-1205.14(c), or both, at the licensing board's discretion.