Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1305.11. Performance of labor.

(a) No person shall be compelled to perform labor which involves the operation, support, or maintenance of the facility or for which the facility is under contract with an outside organization. Privileges or release from the facility shall not be conditional upon the performance of such labor. The Mayor shall promulgate rules and regulations governing compensation of persons who volunteer to perform such labor, which rules and regulations shall be consistent with United States Department of Labor regulations governing employment of patient workers in hospitals and institutions at subminimum wages.

(b) A person may be required to perform habilitative tasks which do not involve the operation, support or maintenance of the facility if those tasks are an integrated part of the person’s habilitation plan and supervised by a qualified intellectual disability professional designated by the Director.

(c) A person may be required to perform tasks of a housekeeping nature for his or her own person only.