Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–1305.03. Least restrictive conditions.

(a) Persons shall have a right to the least restrictive conditions necessary and available to achieve the purposes of habilitation. To this end, the residential facility shall move persons from:

(1) More to less structured living;

(2) Larger to smaller facilities;

(3) Larger to smaller living units;

(4) Group to person residence;

(5) Segregated to integrated community living; or

(6) Dependent to independent living.

(b) If at any time the Director decides that a person should be transferred out of the facility to a less restrictive environment, he or she shall immediately notify the Court pursuant to section 309. Notice shall be provided to the person, the person’s counsel, the person’s advocate for a person with an intellectual disability, if one has been appointed, and the person’s parent or guardian who petitioned for the commitment.