Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–918. “Mayor” and “owner” defined; agent of owner.

(a) For the purposes of this chapter, the term “Mayor” shall mean the Mayor of the District of Columbia or his designated agent or agents; and the term “owner” shall mean:

(1) Any person, or any one of a number of persons, in whom is vested all or any part of the beneficial ownership, dominion, or title of the property found by the Mayor to be in an uninhabitable or insanitary condition;

(2) The committee, conservator, or legal guardian of an owner who is non compos mentis, a minor child, or otherwise under a disability; or

(3) A trustee elected or appointed, or required by law, to execute a trust, other than a trustee under a deed of trust to secure the repayment of a loan.

(b) Wherever under this chapter any act is to be performed by, or any notice is to be given, an owner, such act may be performed by an agent of such owner, or such notice may be given to an agent of such owner who collects rent or otherwise acts as an agent for the owner in connection with said property.