Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–912. Destruction, removal, or concealment of copy of order of condemnation affixed to building.

No person shall, without the consent of the Board for the Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings, deface, obliterate, remove, or conceal any copy of any order of condemnation which has been affixed to any building or part of building by order of the said Board; and the owner and the person having custody of any building or part of building to which a copy or copies of any such order has been affixed shall, if said copy of said order has been to his knowledge defaced, obliterated, or removed, forthwith report that fact in writing to the Board (unless he had good reason to believe that such copy of such an order has been removed by authority of the Board), and if such copy of such order has been concealed, he shall forthwith expose the same to view.