Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–641.12(Perm). Definitions.

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The word “amend,” “amendment,” “amendments,” or “amended,” when used in this subchapter in relation to the zoning regulations, shall be deemed to include any modification of the text or phraseology of the regulations or of any provision of the regulations or any regulations or any repeal or elimination of any regulation or regulations or part thereof or any addition to the regulations or any new regulation or any change of or in the wording or content of the regulations. The word “amend,” “amendment,” “amendments,” or “amended,” when used in said sections in relation to the zoning maps or any map, shall be deemed to include any change in the number, shape, boundary, or area of any district or districts, any repeal or abolition of any such map or any part thereof, any addition to any such map, any new map or maps, or any other change in the maps or any map. The words “administrative decision,” “administrative officer,” “administrative officer or body,” when used in § 6-641.07 shall not be deemed to include the Zoning Commission.