Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–229.02. Rent Supplement Program Project-Based Allocation Fund quarterly reporting.

(a) The Department of Housing and Community Development shall submit to the Council, within 30 days after the end of each fiscal quarter, a Project-Based Rent Supplement Program report.

(b) Each report shall include the following information with respect to the Rent Supplement Program Project-Based Allocation Fund:

(1) The total amount of money in the fund at the beginning and end of the reporting period;

(2) The amount of money in the fund transferred to the Authority for project-based voucher assistance during the reporting period, listed separately by the project for which the funds were awarded;

(3) The amount of money in the fund awarded to projects that do not yet have a certificate of occupancy, listed separately by project;

(4) For each project that has been awarded project-based voucher assistance, the developer, address, planned number of total housing units, planned number of units subsidized by project-based voucher assistance, planned period of project-based voucher assistance, date of award, expected completion date, and whether the project is new construction or existing housing rehabilitation or preservation; and

(5) The amount of money expended from the fund during the reporting period on administrative costs, which shall contain a breakdown by category of expense.