Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–1133. Duties of Advisory Board.

The Board shall:

(1) Negotiate with the owners of the Rhodes Tavern to determine whether said owners will enter into an agreement to fulfill the objectives declared in § 6-1131. If the Board determines that such an agreement cannot be achieved, then the Board will prepare a report to the Mayor and the Council outlining actions that should be taken by the District of Columbia government to implement the policy declared in § 6-1131;

(2) Prepare reports and information for the Mayor and Council concerning:

(A) How Rhodes Tavern can be preserved, restored, reused, and integrated into any proposed development;

(B) A complete documented history of Rhodes Tavern; and

(C) Any other matter which the Board deems appropriate;

(3) Prepare an application nominating Rhodes Tavern as a Category I Landmark on The District of Columbia’s Inventory of Historic Sites; and

(4) Undertake any other activities which it determines are appropriate to achieve the objectives of the policy declared in § 6-1131.