Code of the District of Columbia

§ 6–1113. Annual report.

By April 1 of each year, the Mayor shall transmit to the Council a detailed report on the implementation of this subchapter, including:

(1) The number of applications reviewed pursuant to §§ 6-1104, 6-1105, 6-1106, and 6-1107 for historic landmarks and each historic district, categorized by type of application;

(2) The number of such applications granted after a public hearing; specifying for each such application the nature of the requested permit, the nature of the applicant’s claim, whether or not economic hardship was found, whether or not it was found to be in the public interest and on what grounds; and

(3) The financial condition of the HLP Fund, including:

(A) The results of the operations and collections for the preceding fiscal year;

(B) An accounting of receipts and expenditures;

(C) An itemization of the amounts of unrecovered costs, taxes, and penalties;

(D) The names of delinquent property owners; and

(E) The nature of corrected building violations.