Code of the District of Columbia

§ 51–102. District Unemployment Fund.

(a) There is hereby established the District Unemployment Fund, as a special deposit in the Treasury of the United States, into which shall be paid all contributions received or collected pursuant to this subchapter and from which shall be paid all benefits and refunds provided for under this subchapter, except those benefits paid from the Supporting Essential Workers Special Fund pursuant to § 51-110.01. The Fund shall consist of 3 separate accounts: (1) a Clearing Account; (2) an Unemployment Trust Fund Account; and (3) a Benefit Account; and be managed and controlled by the Director in the manner provided in this subchapter, and the Director shall keep complete and accurate accounts of the status of the Fund and shall include a statement of such status in its yearly report to Congress.

(b) Any interest required to be paid on advances under title XII of the Social Security Act shall be paid by the date on which such interest is due. No interest payment shall be paid directly or indirectly from amounts in the District Unemployment Fund.