Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–921.24. Comprehensive clean vehicle transition plan.

By July 1, 2021, DDOT shall prepare and submit to the Mayor, as well as publish on its website, a comprehensive clean vehicle transition plan outlining strategies that will encourage and promote the adoption of zero-emission vehicles by drivers in the District. In preparing the plan, DDOT shall consult with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and other stakeholders. The plan shall include recommendations for policies, including cost estimates and timelines, estimated to achieve:

(1) At least 25% zero-emission vehicle registrations by calendar year 2030;

(2) 100% replacement of public buses, including school buses, with electric public buses upon the end of their useful life, by calendar year 2021; and

(3) Implementation of the transportation electrification program established pursuant to § 50-741.