Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–713. Emission credit trading program.

(a) Covered fleet operators may meet the fleet vehicle purchase requirements of this chapter by purchasing clean-fuel vehicles, whether new, used, or converted vehicles, converting existing gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles to clean-fuel vehicles, or by trading and banking clean-fuel fleet vehicle credits.

(b) Clean-fuel fleet vehicle credits may be earned by a covered fleet operator for any of the following qualifying purchases:

(1) Purchase of a clean-fuel vehicle during any period after March 1, 1993, but before September 1, 1997, if the purchase meets all other clean-fuel fleet vehicle requirements applicable to such purchase, including the requirement to use only the fuel on which the vehicle was certified;

(2) Purchase of a greater number of clean-fuel fleet vehicles than is required under this chapter;

(3) Purchase of a clean-fuel fleet vehicle that meets more stringent emission standards than required under this chapter (ULEVs, ZEVs and ILEVs);

(4) Purchase of a clean-fuel fleet vehicle in an exempt vehicle category by the operator of a covered or partially-covered fleet; or

(5) Purchase of a clean-fuel fleet vehicle by a fleet operator who voluntarily opts-in to the clean fuel fleet program, and who thereafter shall be subject to the requirements of this chapter as if the operator were a covered fleet operator.

(c) The Mayor shall, to determine the feasibility of providing the trading of credits between mobile and stationary sources and between jurisdictions within the same nonattainment area or the District, study and promulgate a report within 2 years after March 14, 1995.