Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–2532.01. H Street N.E. Performance Parking Pilot Zone.

(a) The H Street N.E. Performance Parking Zone is designated as the area within the following boundary: K Street, N.E., from 3rd Street, N.E., to 8th Street, N.E.; 8th Street, N.E., from K Street, N.E., to Florida Avenue, N.E.; Florida Avenue, N.E., from 8th Street, N.E., to 15th Street, N.E.; 15th Street, N.E., from Florida Avenue, N.E., to E Street, N.E.; E Street, N.E., from 15th Street N.E., to 3rd Street, N.E.; 3rd Street, N.E., from E Street, N.E., to K Street, N.E., including both sides of these boundary streets.

(b) In addition to maintaining a sufficient number of parking-control officers and traffic-control officers in the existing performance parking zones, the Mayor shall assign parking-control and traffic-control officers for implementation of the pilot program in the H Street N.E. Performance Parking Pilot Zone and for enhanced enforcement during peak-parking-demand hours.

(c) The Mayor shall designate existing residential parking-permit-zoned blocks within the performance-parking zone as within a high-traffic generating corridor and provide increased residential-parking protections.

(d) The Mayor shall set the initial performance-parking-pilot-zone fee equal to the existing fee.

(e) Pursuant to § 50-2531(d)(1), the Mayor shall adjust fees to achieve 10% to 20% availability of curbside parking spaces.

(f) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Mayor shall not charge curbside parking fees on District or federal holidays.

(g) Within the first 30 days of September 14, 2011, the Mayor may issue warning citations for curbside parking violations related to the pilot program in the zone.