Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–2421.09. Procedures for reclaiming impounded vehicles; lien; penalties.

(a) An owner or lienholder, or a person duly authorized by either, may reclaim an impounded vehicle stored at a District government impoundment facility at any time prior to the expiration of the applicable reclamation period, by:

(1) Repealed;

(2) Repealed;

(3) Repealed;

(4) Making a payment in accordance with § 50-2201.03(k)(5);

(5) Furnishing proof of entitlement to possession of the vehicle; and

(6) Paying to the District government, or the towing company, as directed by the Department, a towing fee of $100 and a storage fee of $20 per day; provided, that the towing fee shall be $275 and a storage fee of $20 per day shall be imposed if the size or the weight of the impounded vehicle requires the Department or an outside contractor to use special equipment to tow the vehicle; provided further, that the towing fee shall be $1,000 if the vehicle was impounded pursuant to a violation of 18 DCMR § 2405.3(e).

(b) Fines and penalties due for parking tickets issued to a vehicle and the towing and storage fee charges due pursuant to subsection (a)(6) of this section shall constitute a continuing lien against the impounded motor vehicle. The lien thus created shall be an automatic lien, which is perfected as of the first date that the fines, penalties, or fees are due and shall be a prior and preferred claim over all other liens.

(c) Any person who has paid a fine for parking, storing, or leaving an abandoned or dangerous vehicle on public space, and who, after reclaiming the vehicle, thereafter again parks, stores, or leaves that vehicle on public space in violation of § 50-2421.03(1), shall be subject to a civil fine of not more than $500.