Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–2301.04. Hearing examiners.

(a) The Director shall appoint and prescribe the duties of a Chief Hearing Examiner and other hearing examiners as are necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter. The Chief Hearing Examiner and each hearing examiner appointed pursuant to this section shall serve as career service employees in accordance with § 1-608.01.

(b) The hearing examiners, in addition to the powers granted them by Chapter IX of Title 32 of the District of Columbia Rules and Regulations, shall have the following powers:

(1) To determine in prescribed cases whether a member of the Metropolitan Police Department or the Department of Transportation shall be called as a witness in an adjudication pursuant to subchapters II and III of this chapter;

(2) To impose sanctions for infractions under subchapter II of this chapter including:

(A) Monetary fines and penalties;

(B) The required attendance at traffic school; and

(C) The suspension of operators’ permits pending the payment of monetary fines and penalties or the successful completion of traffic school;

(3) To impose monetary fines and penalties for infractions under subchapter III of this chapter;

(4) Repealed;

(5) To suspend the imposition of traffic violation points (other than those based upon offenses listed in § 50-2302.02) conditioned upon:

(A) Good driving behavior; and

(B) The successful completion of traffic school or other rehabilitative measures.

(6) Repealed.