Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–1731.06. Enforcement; fines and penalties.

(a) The penalty for violating §§ 50-1731.03, 50-1731.04, or 50-1731.05 shall be a fine of $100; provided, that, for a violation of § 50-1731.04, the fine shall be suspended for a first time violator who, subsequent to the violation but prior to the imposition of a fine, provides proof of acquisition of a hands-free accessory of the type required by this chapter. The suspension shall not apply to violations related to texting.

(a-1) Repealed.

(a-2) Repealed.

(a-3) Repealed.

(a-4) Repealed.

(b) A violation of the provisions of §§ 50-1731.03, 50-1731.04, or 50-1731.05 shall be processed and adjudicated under the provisions applicable to moving violations set forth in subchapter II of Chapter 23 of this title.