Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–1603. Office of Bicycle Transportation and Safety.

There shall be established within the Office of the Director of the District Department of Transportation an Office of Bicycle Transportation and Safety to promote the safe and convenient use of the bicycle as a means of transportation and recreation.

(1) The Office shall be headed by a bicycle coordinator who shall be a person with broad knowledge in all aspects of bicycle transportation and safety.

(2) The Office shall be staffed with a minimum of 2 full-time assistant bicycle coordinators who shall have appropriate experience and knowledge of bicycle matters.

(3) The duties of the bicycle coordinator shall include, but not be limited to:

(A) Administering the Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation and Safety Program;

(B) Serving as a contact for federal agencies, the press, civic organizations, and individuals on all matters related to bicycling;

(C) Establishing priorities and programming of bicycle facilities;

(D) Coordinating the District of Columbia’s bicycle program with all agencies on matters relating to bicycles, including transportation, recreation, touring, sports and racing, physical fitness, and economic development;

(E) Assisting the Mayor of the District of Columbia (“Mayor”), the Director of the District Department of Transportation, or a District agency in preparing budgetary, legislative, or regulatory proposals which may affect bicycling; and

(F) Evaluating and reporting annually to the Mayor and Director of the Department of Public Works on the District’s bicycling programs and recommending any needed changes in these programs.