Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–1121. Vehicle Inspection Task Force.

(a) There is established a Vehicle Inspection Task Force (“Task Force”) to study the impact of the elimination of mandatory vehicle safety inspections for private vehicles, in order to recommend whether the District should restore mandatory vehicle safety inspection for private vehicles of any or all types, and to recommend any improvements to the District’s current vehicle safety inspection program for commercial vehicles, or any restored vehicle safety inspection program, for private vehicles that could improve the cost-effectiveness of these programs and reduce the burden of these inspections upon residents and businesses. If the Task Force concludes that some new, restored, or expanded vehicle safety program is in the best interests of the District, the Task Force shall also recommend how to fund such a program.

(b)(1) The Task Force shall consist of at least 7 members, to be selected by the Mayor and the Chairperson of the Council committee with oversight over the Department of Motor Vehicles.

(2) The Chairperson of the Council committee shall choose a chairperson for the task force, who shall represent the interests of the driving public of the District of Columbia, and the Mayor and Chairperson of the Council committee shall each select half of the remaining members.

(3) At a minimum, the membership shall include:

(A) A representative of the Department of Motor Vehicles;

(B) A representative of the Metropolitan Police Department;

(C) Representatives of the driving public;

(D) Traffic safety advocates; and

(E) Other governmental bodies that may be considered relevant to the Task Force’s mission.