Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–1102. Motor Vehicle Biennial Inspection Fund.

(a)(1) There is hereby established the District of Columbia Motor Vehicle Biennial Inspection Fund (“the Fund”). The Fund shall be a revolving fund and not be a part of nor lapse into the General Fund of the District or any other fund of the District.

(2) The Fund shall be classified as a governmental fund and shall be accounted for in accordance with subchapter V of Chapter 3 of Title 47, and any other applicable law.

(b) The Mayor shall administer the Fund to finance the following:

(1) The implementation, oversight, operation, and periodic upgrading of the District of Columbia’s Enhanced Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program and its vehicle safety inspection program; and

(2) The purchase, maintenance, and upgrading of equipment; program administration; technical skills training; contracts for services; and any other activities necessary to comply with federal and District of Columbia vehicle emissions and safety inspections legislative mandates.

(c) The inspection fee levied and collected pursuant to § 50-1101, shall be established in an amount sufficient to cover the costs of implementation, operation, and periodic upgrading of the District of Columbia’s vehicle emissions and safety inspection programs, and shall be deposited into the Fund. The Mayor may, from time to time, adopt rules that adjust the inspection fee as necessary to compensate the District for the cost of implementing, overseeing, operating, and upgrading the vehicle emissions and safety inspection programs, and such adjustments shall be made in accordance with an evaluation of the annual audited accounting required by subsection (d) of this section.

(d) Obligations and expenditures of amounts from the Fund shall be based on an annual appropriation approved by Congress following the submission of a budgetary request by the Mayor. As part of the Mayor’s annual budgetary request, the Mayor shall submit an audited accounting of the use of the Fund during the previous fiscal year.