Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–501.01. Increase denied for unsatisfactory service; removal for inefficiency; additional compensation for outstanding efficiency.

No annual increase in salary shall be paid to any person who, in the judgment of the Mayor of the District of Columbia, has not rendered satisfactory service, and any private who fails to receive such annual increase for 2 successive years shall be deemed inefficient and forthwith removed from the service by the Mayor; provided, that under such rules and regulations as the Council of the District of Columbia shall promulgate, the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief of the Fire Department shall select and report to the Mayor from time to time the names of privates and sergeants in each Department who by reason of demonstrated ability may be considered as possessed of outstanding efficiency, and the Mayor is authorized and directed to grant to not exceeding 10% of the authorized strength, respectively, of such privates and sergeants in each Department additional compensation at the rate of $5 per month; provided further, that the Mayor may withdraw such compensation at any time and remove any name or names from among such selections.