Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–445. Pilot Civilian Technical Services Program.

(a) The Chief of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department ("Chief") shall establish, in conjunction with the University of the District of Columbia Community College, a Pilot Civilian Technical Services Program ("Program") for the purpose of instructing, training, and exposing interested persons, primarily young adults residing in the District of Columbia, to the technical maintenance of Department apparatus and devices, and the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of serving as an employee in the field infrastructure and inventory management programs within the Department.

(b) The Program shall include training courses that equip civilian employees with the skills to provide emergency vehicle and facility maintenance, certification, and specialized network management services to the Department.

(c) A person successfully completing the Program shall be accorded full preference for appointment as a civilian employee of the Department; provided, that the person meets all other requirements pertaining to employment in the Department.

(d) The Chief shall establish performance measures for the Program.