Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–363.01. Limitations on less-lethal weapons acquired by District law enforcement agencies; reporting requirements.

(a) District law enforcement agencies shall maintain the following information regarding any less-lethal weapon in their inventory on a publicly accessible website:

(1) A description of the less-lethal weapon, including:

(A) How the less-lethal weapon is used or deployed;

(B) The physiological and psychological effect that the less-lethal weapon has on people; and

(C) Whether the less-lethal weapon is indiscriminate in nature or if it can be targeted at specific individuals in a crowd;

(2) Any technical documentation issued or published by the manufacturer or distributor of the less-lethal weapon;

(3) An explanation for the law enforcement agency's need for the less-lethal weapon;

(4) A description of the personnel who will use, be equipped with, or have access to the less-lethal weapon;

(5) A description of the training those personnel have or will receive on how to use or deploy the less-lethal weapon, including how the training addresses the requirements of Chapter 3A of this title; and

(6) The total price of the less-lethal weapons sought.

(b) Before acquiring a new type of less-lethal weapon, MPD shall publish on a publicly accessible website the information described in subsection (a)(1) of this section at least 28 days prior to acquiring or purchasing the new type of less-lethal weapon.