Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–133.10. Rewards, presents, fees or emoluments prohibited; exception; notice to Mayor required; failure to give notice.

(a) Neither the Mayor of the District of Columbia, nor any member of the Council of the District of Columbia or of the police force, shall receive or share in, for his own benefit, under any pretense whatever, any present, fee, or emolument, for police services, other than the regular salary and pay provided by law, except by consent of the Mayor.

(b) The Mayor, for meritorious and extraordinary services rendered by any member of the police force, in the due discharge of his duty, may permit such member to retain for his own benefit any reward or present tendered him therefor.

(c) Upon notice to the Mayor from any member of the police force, of the receipt by such member of any reward or present, the Mayor may order the member to retain the same, or shall dispose thereof for the benefit of the Policemen and Firemen’s Relief Fund.

(d) It shall be cause of removal from the police force for any member to receive rewards or presents without giving notice of the same to the Mayor.