Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–123.32. White supremacy in policing assessment and recommendations.

(a) ODCA and any entities selected by the District of Columbia Auditor ("D.C. Auditor") shall cause to be conducted a comprehensive assessment of whether MPD officers have ties to white supremacist or other hate groups that may affect the officers' ability to carry out their duties properly and fairly or may undermine public trust in MPD.

(b) In conducting the assessment, the ODCA or the entities selected by the D.C. Auditor shall:

(1) Investigate MPD officers':

(A) Organizational affiliations and memberships;

(B) Social media engagement, including any published statements, photographs, or video footage; and

(C) Sustained allegations of misconduct against the officers, as determined by the Metropolitan Police Department or the Office of Police Complaints; and

(2) Conduct interviews with officers, witnesses, or other relevant stakeholders.

(c)(1) Any entity selected by the ODCA shall be nonpartisan and have expertise in:

(A) Civil rights and racial equity;

(B) The threat of white supremacist and other hate groups, movements, and organizing efforts; or

(C) Law enforcement and intelligence oversight and reform or in conducting investigations and evaluations of law enforcement procedures, policies, and practices.

(2) At least one entity shall have additional expertise in local, federal, and constitutional law, as it relates to freedoms of speech and association.

(d) If, during the course of the assessment, the ODCA determines that criminal activity or other wrongdoing has occurred or is occurring, they shall, as soon as practicable, report the facts that support its determination to the appropriate prosecuting authority and MPD.

(e)(1) ODCA shall submit a report describing the comprehensive assessment, relevant findings, and recommendations to the Mayor and Council no later than 18 months after April 21, 2023.

(2) The report shall include recommendations to reform or improve MPD's hiring and training practices, policies, practice, and disciplinary system to better prevent, detect, and respond to white supremacist or other hate group ties among MPD officers and staff that suggest they are not able to enforce the law fairly, and to better investigate and discipline officers for such behavior.