Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–115.06. Gaming and bawdy houses and sale of lottery tickets — Arrest of persons; seizure of implements.

If any member of the police force, or if any 2 or more householders shall report in writing, under his or their signature, to the Chief of Police that there are good grounds, stating the same, for believing any house, room, or premises within the police district to be kept or used for any of the following purposes, namely: (1) as a common gaming house, common gaming room, or common gaming premises, for therein playing for wagers of money at any game of chance; (2) as a bawdy house, or as a house of prostitution, or for purposes of prostitution; (3) for lewd and obscene public amusement or entertainment; or (4) for the deposit or sale of lottery tickets or lottery policies, it shall be lawful for the Chief of Police to authorize any member or members of the police force to enter the same, who shall forthwith arrest all persons there found offending against law, and seize all implements of gaming, or lottery tickets, or lottery policies, and convey any person so arrested before the proper court, and bring the articles so seized to the office of the Mayor of the District of Columbia.