Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–109.01. Cadet program authorized; purpose; preference for appointment; appropriations.

(a)(1) The Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department ("MPD") shall establish a police officer cadet program for the purpose of instructing, training, and exposing cadets to:

(A) MPD's operations; and

(B) The duties and responsibilities of serving as an MPD police officer.

(2) The police officer cadet program established in paragraph (1) of this subsection shall be composed of the following persons residing in the District, who shall have substantial ties to the District, such as currently or formerly residing, attending school, or working in the District for a significant period of time:

(A) Senior-year high school students; and

(B) High school graduates under 25 years of age.

(b) A person successfully completing the required training and service in a cadet program established pursuant to this section shall be accorded full preference for appointment as a member of MPD or of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, if the person shall have met all other requirements pertaining to membership in the chosen Department.

(c) There may be appropriated the funds necessary for the administration of this section.